The Cosmos Bar takes drinking to another level; in fact it’s out of this world! At the Cosmos Bar we want you to have a truly special drinking and socialising experience. Too often people find themselves at the same tired old pub, trying nothing new and letting themselves fall into the same dull routine week after week for ever more.

At the Cosmos Bar we want to change all that. We want you to have a truly unforgettable experience when you visit our bar. Our in house resident DJ plays the best techno and electro mixes around, providing the perfect atmosphere for you to join in the party. We also have highly trained mixologists working on our staff, meaning that there is sure to be a cocktail to tantalise your taste buds. There is also a carefully chosen selection of beer, wine and spirits ensuring that everybody will have a good time.

The galatical interiors mean that you can forget that you’re earth bound for the time being and party party PARTY!

Latest Events

  • 30august

    Friday night madness
    The place to be this weekend is Cosmosbar! DJ's from U.S. and Germany. Join us for the unforgettable clubbing!

  • 26august

    Week long beer marathon!
    Join us for awesome European beers tasting as well as other drinks. An early Octoberfest in Cosmobar!


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